Food. It’s the fuel for our human engines; one of the bare essentials of life. We spend a fair amount of time each day eating, preparing, and (if you’re anything like me) thinking and talking about food.

But food is so much more than just a way to fuel our bodies and keep us going. It’s a part of our culture; our national cuisine is part of what defines us and makes up our identity.

Gather together a group of expats from different countries and the talk will inevitably turn to food sooner or later, with each person discussing the meals they miss from home and wanting to share the details of their favourite national dish with everyone.

It’s usually at this point in the conversation that the British contingent falls silent, and someone makes a joke about the lack of decent food that our island has produced.

And that person may have a point. On the surface, it may be difficult to find much to say in favour of British cuisine. You could probably name a few classic dishes, but they just don’t sit together well to form a very strong offering – especially from an outsider’s perspective.

So I’m coming to the rescue of good old British food, to fight its corner and prove that there is more to it than meets the eye. Follow me on a journey of tradition, nostalgia and salivation as we take a look at some of Britain’s most loved dishes.

Next time you’re in that awkward conversation with someone asking exactly what is British cuisine, you can just send them here.

And if you have a favourite that you think deserves a mention, just get in touch to let me know – remember to share exactly why you love it so much!

Oh just to let you know my favourite ‘street dish’. It will always be fish and chips from Newquay